Friday, 6 March 2009

Video on the roof

Success! Blogger lesson 1: don't try to upload too many images at once, even though the program seems to want to let you. Lesson 2: perhaps avoid Thursdays, go for net-quiet Friday morning instead. So here's the video I promised.

And for those who get nauseous at the sight of wobbly handheld non-steadicamerawork (in the best arthouse tradition folks), or who would like a bit more detail, here are the panorama images, arranged neatly in columns for you, i.e. top to bottom = left to right (I tried to arrange them in pairs across the page, but that's blogger lesson 3).

First, looking broadly to the south, with Western Bay CBD on horizon at left, sports stadium invisible in third picture due to wide angle.

Then looking north, with busy Khalifa St featuring large, familiar Gharrafa flyover on left and traffic Dept building across road on right. The two conical tents of Landmark mall may or may not be visible on horizon in third pic.

And there's more where that came from, if you ask nicely.

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