Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Stop Press! Wedding photos just to hand!

Hopingly no apology is required for not having posted to this blog for a week or three, given that you may still be trying to find time to peruse the three or four posts that came along in a caravan like Link buses (for non-Aucklanders, these are supposed to run every 10 minutes, but Auckland traffic knows better than to allow that).

But I have been keeping busy (by my standards anyway). Apart from learning lines and rehearsing (much fun with a very welcoming team) for the Doha Players production I was initially stunned 2 months ago to find myself cast in (further report when it's all over next week), I have been finally getting around to compiling the definitive photo album of our wedding nearly 6 months ago. Having received the last of the collections from the dozen or so greatly esteemed guest-photographers more than a month ago, it was time to get on with it.

This entailed firstly sorting through nearly 700 photos and putting them in some sort of order; about 180 made the cut, which is a lot to look at, but they are all excellent shots that deserve to be there, and cover just about all the good things that made the afternoon special for us and I hope everyone there.

Then, having sort of made friends with Blogger over the last few months, I had to get to grips with the peculiarities of Flickr. I agree with those who recommended it, that it does a nice job of presenting one's prized images to the world. But it would have been nice to have known in advance (like, before I had written numbered captions for them all) that they will appear in reverse order to that in which they were uploaded; and that this is because it behaves like a blog and presents the latest photo first (even if it's just the last one of an album, therefore the latest to be uploaded); and, that consequently the only way to edit the order is to rewrite the time of uploading (in reverse order to their number sequence, just to make it confusing) for each image. OK enough if you have uploaded just a few photos like any sensible person (well, I would just have put them on this blog instead, wouldn't I); but trust me to want to kick off with a monster album (well, that's why I went to Flickr, as supposedly better able to handle the bulk).
Not to mention one or two other glitches, all of which I think I have now sussed, no thanks to Flickr's so-called Help page.

But enough moaning, here they are, all re-timed and looking good I think. A worthwhile lesson, and time well spent, I am sure you will all agree when viewing the results by clicking here.

Acknowledgement must be made to all the abovementioned faithful snappers (in no particular order): Mark Yates, Gerri Judkins, Rachel Clarke, Bec McGarry, Laura Campbell, Una Booth, Peter Lee, Pratima Soma, Yvonne Stephen, Joan Earl, Christof Colpi. I will trust that by generously providing us with the photo files, you have all indicated that you have no objection to your work being published this way. Further, my apologies for not being able to instantly credit each individual shot to the particular photographer, though this could be sorted out given (quite a lot) more time.

It seems like only yesterday/so long ago...

Right, start press up again.

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